After more than 30 years of experience, from the distribution to the management of one of the world's biggest shipyards, Olivier Poncin founded the Poncin Yachts Group in 2001, which became CATANA Group in 2014 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the brand "CATANA Catamarans". More than ten years later, the company produces catamarans of exceptions destined for an international clientele.




A true concentrate of the Catana spirit, the C42 offers all the technical innovations exclusive to the brand in an exceptional yacht of 12.6 meters in length. Its unique length / width ratio, its swinging saber drifts enabling you to hover, the tuliped, tilted and bulbed sterns, make it quickly noticeable, both at sea and at port. At the forefront of semi-custom craft construction, the Catana C42 is a powerful boat, as strong as light.
Lengh: 12.58m/ Width: 6.9m/ Draught: .0.8m (dérives hautes)  / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Bath: 2


A spacious and luminous interior that is very comfortable for a walk around the world as a couple or alone. Now legendary, its ease of use in all weather is coupled with great ease of maintenance and resale, for total peace of mind.
Lengh: 14.03m/ Width: 7.64m/ Draught: .1.10m (dérives hautes)  / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Bath: 2


After many months of study and research and attentive listening to its most passionate customers, the Catana shipyard, assisted by several architectural firms, is proud to present the new Catana 53.
Lengh: 16.18m/ Width: 8.66m/ Draught: .1.43m (dérives hautes)  / Cabins: 4  / Bath: 3



Evolution of the Catana 59, 6 of which are already sailing the oceans, the Catana C62 is the culmination of research carried out by the CATANA shipyard's R & D department. It sets new standards in luxury and exceptional units. The mastery of the "CARBONE INFUSION" and "TWARON IMPACT" technologies, which are now used on all Catana, make the C62 a light and resistant boat. Its maxi hulls, inverted bow, Flush "even more luxurious and carefully soundproofed, give full meaning to the pleasure of sailing at the speed of the wind, in absolute comfort and safety.
Lengh: 18.68m/ Width: 9.49m/ Draught .1.56m (dérives hautes)  / Cabins: 4  / Bath: 3


With the help of several large architectural firms, the Catana R & D department redesigned the ideal catamaran. The Catana C70 is the boat of all superlatives. An exceptional unit with a slender silhouette and sleek lines. The synthesis of technological excellence, a design and performance constantly pushed back. A refined and functional interior luxury, meticulous attention to every detail, rare materials, personalization on demand, to offer you a life aboard a super yacht without limit.
Lengh: 20.86m/ Width: 9.49m/ Draught: .1.56m (dérives hautes)  




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