Lagoon is the world leader in sailing catamarans. A luxury catamaran manufacturer since 1984, the shipyard is constantly developing its offer to meet all your expectations with a complete range from 38 : Lagoon 380, Lagoon 39, Lagoon 400, Lagoon 421, Lagoon 450 S, Lagoon 450 F, Lagoon 52 S, Lagoon 52 F, Lagoon 560, Lagoon 620



Lagoon 380

Undisputed champion in its category (more than 700 units delivered in 2013), the Lagoon 380 has not taken a wrinkle: swift, easy to maneuver and safe, one meets its fans on all the seas of the globe.
Lengh: 11.55m/ Width: 6.53m/ Draught: 1.15m  / Cabins: 3 à 4 
/ bath: 2

Lagoon 39

The new Lagoon 39 clearly belongs to the new Lagoon generation: vertical and beveled booms, rear-centered mast for performance under sails and ease of use ... a strong personality from the first glance.
Lengh: 11.74m/ width 6.79m/ Draught: .1.21 / Cabins: 2 à 4  / bath: 2 à 4

Lagoon 400

Faithful to its predecessor, the Lagoon 400 is made for coastal or offshore cruising. It can comfortably accommodate 8 people with its 3 to 4 double cabins, its large square elegantly refurbished and its cockpit on one level.
Lengh: 11.97m/ Width: 7.25m/ Draught: .1.21m  / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Bath: 2 à 4


Lagoon 42

An elegant silhouette, fluid curves that, thanks to an acceleration of the lines perceptible in the bow and in the new design of the roof, underline the dynamic and dynamic character of this new model ... A VPLP plan of course, a guarantee of performance under sails!
Lengh 12.80m/ Width: 7.70m/ Draught: .1.25m  / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Bath: 2 à 4

Lagoon 450 F/S

Replacing a reference catamaran is always a difficult exercise. The architects VPLP, in association with Lagoon and the famous design firm Nauta, however took up the challenge with brilliance in creating the Lagoon 450.
Lengh: 13.96m/ Width: 7.87m/ Draught: .1.30m / Cabins: 3 à 4  Bath: 2 à 4

Lagoon 52 F/S

The Lagoon 52 is truly a new step in the design of cruising catamarans, as was also the case with its predecessor, the famous Lagoon 500.
Lengh: 15.84m/ Width: 8.74m / Draught: .1.55m  / Cabins: 3à 6  



Designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) in close collaboration with the Lagoon design office, the Lagoon 620 brings new solutions to the needs of today's boaters. Robustness, comfort, performance and many choices
Lengh: 18.90m/ Width: 10.00m/ Draught: .1.55m  / Cabins: 4 à 6  /

Lagoon 560

With the Lagoon 560, Lagoon had taken a serious "tour in advance" in terms of comfort, ergonomics and style by combining the world-renowned talents of VPLP architects and Nauta design firm. With the version, the yard adds unparalleled choices in this size of catamaran: up to 5 cabins totally independent, with the choice between a lateral kitchen (port hull) or central.
Lengh: 17.07m/ Width: 9.44m/ Draught .1.50m / Cabins: 4 à 5 


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