Speed ​​and comfort are the two essential factors of sailing catamarans. Their navigation performance is the result of a controlled weight and a reduced displacement which induces a markedly increased stability of the boat. The navigation times are reduced and the pleasure of the hours spent on board increased. Due to great comfort, improved quality of life and enhanced safety, the catamaran is the ideal answer for those who enjoy sailing in a relaxed atmosphere.



Open 40

The Nautitech Open 40, an innovative, modern, racy and powerful boat! The first cata in "Open Space" cockpit-square for the innovative spirit of Nautitech.
Lengh 11.98m/ Width: 6.91m/ Draught .1.35m  / Cabins: 3 à 4 + 2 couchettes / Bath: 2

Open 46/46 Fly

Like its younger brother, the NAUTITECH 46 will present itself in the form of an "Open", cockpit and square combined in a large living space convivial. The design of the fittings makes this new Open a true place of life, an invitation to comfort, relaxation and the pleasure of being together. The NAUTITECH OPEN 46 is available in three and four cabins, at the owner's request.
Lengh: 13.71m/ Width: 7.54m/ Draught: .1.45m  / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Bath: 4



Its elegance makes it a boat you will be proud of. The power of its hull and its controlled weight make it a very maneuverable and performing ship that will astonish you. However, the NAUTITECH 542 remains an easy-to-handle catamaran, a pleasant cruise ship that achieves sailing performance well above the average of its competitors without extra effort and without special equipment.
Lengh: 16.30m/ Width: 8.50m/ Draught: .1.55m  / Cabins: jusqu'à 5cabines  / Bath: jusquà 5 Sde


The NAUTITECH 541, a very beautiful boat designed especially according to the wishes of its owner. Presented at Cannes in September 2014, it soon met with great success.
Lengh: 16.30m/ Width: 8.50m/ Draught: .1.55m  / Cabins: jusqu'à 5cabines  / Bath: jusquà 5 Sde




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