Looking for speed, want to leave far, want to have fun? To realize these desires is the vocation of the Outremer. The Outremer are built on a simple and powerful concept: to make catamarans at once marine, simple and fast. Marin to be free to go everywhere. Marin, for us, is first and foremost safety, resulting from the quality of design and manufacture of our sailboats. Marin is also the ability to live aboard and not just by the week. It is a boat designed so that each one finds its place there and essential point, there is pleasure. Simple for ease of life on board and autonomy. To be on board, simplicity is an asset. It is a priority to have a boat that is simple to use, with no complicated system and therefore easy to maintain anywhere in the world. All our reflections and research are aimed at making your life on board as easy as possible Fast for safety and sensations. Speed ​​is a safety feature, the speeds and averages of our boats give you options and choices facing the weather you do not have at low speed. Speed ​​is also an element of pleasure: what a joy to feel a boat that walks, simply pushed by the wind.





L'OUTREMER 51 successor of the OUTREMER 49 since 2013. New exterior design, new interior design, extended skirts and functional modifications, this is the 51 whose first model will be launched in June 2013. It retains the qualities Marinas of the 49 with a more modern and dynamic design close to the 5X, signed Patrick the Qument as well as Franck Darnet Design.
Lengh: 15.27m/ Width: 7.45m/ Draught: .0.9m  / Capacity: 6 à 10 personnes


This boat has the ambitious challenge of replacing the mythical Outremer. 45. Little brother of Outremer 51 and 5X, it shares their key values: sailor, efficient, easy to maneuver and simple. It has been designed for long-distance sailing, as a couple or as a family. The design team includes Barreau-Neuman for naval architecture, Frank Darnet Design for interior design, and Patrick le Quement's paw for the overall cohesion of design.
Lengh: 13.77m/ Width: 7.1m/ Draught: .1m / Cabins: 3 à 4  / Capacity: 8 personnes


For the design of the boat and the optimization of the hull, VPLP used the most advanced tools of the race and in particular of the America's Cup to make the 5X, the fastest ship of its category. Centering of the weights, lengthening of the floats, profiles drift, use of the best materials, meticulous control of the weight of the boat, everything has been implemented to give this boat of exceptional performances. What intense happiness to feel this boat come alive with the first breath of wind! It is the only one via its tiller to make you enjoy the pure sensations of sailing.
Lengh: 17.98m/ Width: 8.58m/ Draught: .1.56m (dérives hautes)  / Capacity: 8 à 30 personnes

More informations: www.catamaran-outremer.com

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