An impulse, a vision. Then comes the construction stretching on successive generations. With unfailing energy and enthusiasm, they innovate and perpetuate the founding values ​​of the only brand of boating that has had the pride of celebrating 130 years of history.  


Sail Boat

To combine simplicity and performance, at all times, in all latitudes, for ever more personal uses and ever more accessible dreams. An infinite sense of innovation. 




Bénéteau creates the link to another world and takes the Oceanis to a world apart, in which space, light and design unite in a single impetus to sublimate the sea. A door opens with new horizons, drawn by Sumptuous spaces served with noble and luxurious materials.
Model: Océanis 38.1/ 35.1/ 31/ 35/ 38/ 41.1/ 45/ 48/ 55/ 60
Lengh: 9.66m à 18.97m / Width: 3.39m à 4.99 / Draught: 1.80 à 2.70 / Cabins: 2 à 4/ Bath: 0à2



The legendary sport-cruiser of Bénéteau has been a must for the past forty years as the sailboat of choice for seasoned sailors. High-tech materials, resistance, lightness and level of equipment allow it to compete on all water bodies. A must for sporty sailing
Model: First 40/ 35/ 25/ 20

Lengh: 6.40m à 12.58m / Width: 2.48m à 3.89m / Draught: 0.70m à  2m (approx)/ Cabins: 0 à 3 / Bath: 0 à 1


More informations: www.beneteau.com

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