In 1964, Michel Dufour, a Rochelle engineer passionate about sailing, embarked on the creation of his own shipyard. He then owes his success to his twofold intuition: sailing was going to pass into the modern era through the contribution of new technologies and innovative materials; At the same time, the world of sailing would remain the epitome of a pioneering and adventurous spirit, pushing to its ultimate the pleasure of sailing.




The Grand Large 310 embodies the style of navigation that Dufour has introduced into these boats over the past 50 years. Animated by an authentic passion for the sea, the company combines design, technology, performance, innovation and safety. A small boat that has everything of a big, here is the concept of the 310 GL which benefits from the same technologies, iconic style And comfort than the large and luxurious models of the Grand Large range. At first glance, you will be seduced by the aerodynamic lines and the appearance of the 310 GL. This fast cruiser maneuveres with ease (even alone).
Lengh: 9.67m / Width: 3.31m/ Draught: .1.90m/ Cabins: 2


Concentrated innovations, genius of ergonomics and comfort, this sailboat borrows from its big brothers all the subtleties of style that sublime the quality of life, in navigation as at the anchorage. Designed for long sailing, the life on board is comfortable thanks to its open cockpit. Unique sensations, a pleasure reinvented every day.
Lengh: 10.28m / Width: 3.54m/ Draught: .1.90m/ Cabins: 2 à 3


The naval architecture developed by Felci Yacht guarantees the latest innovations in hull design and appendages as well as a rig that maximizes comfort on board thanks to a balanced boat whatever the conditions of navigation.
Loengh: 11.25m / Width: 3.85m/ Draught: .1.90m/ Cabins:  2 à 3




Evolution of the famous Dufour 410, the Dufour 412 Grand Large is one of the flagship models of the Grand Large range. For this 2016 vintage, the Dufour Yachts engineers and the design office Felci Yachts have the specifications to integrate the functions previously reserved for larger yachts.
Lengh: 12.35m / Width: 4.2m/ Draught: .2.10m/ Cabins: 2


The 460 GL is the result of an intense collaboration between the Italian architect Umberto FELCI and the design office DUFOUR. The 460 GL is an exceptional sailing boat, offering top performance and absolute comfort, respecting all the philosophy of the last From the oven.
Lengh: 14.15m / Width: 4.50m/ Draught: .2.20m/ Cabins: 3


Vintage 2016 of the Grand Large range, the Dufour 512 is the perfect success of a yacht with luxurious fittings and a sailing boat with remarkable performances. . Following the success of the Dufour 500 (2012), produced at more than 140 units, the Dufour shipyard offers you a revised version of this exceptional model, which benefits from all the innovations and functionalities built into the latest models in the range Grand Large.
Lengh: 15.20m / Width: 4.80m/ Draught: .2.30m/ Cabins: 3 à 4


The Dufour 560 GL, the new star of the range, is at the highest level of aesthetic standards. This sailboat reflects a modern, luxurious and dynamic elegance, with flowing curves, elegant vertical portholes, a horizontal windscreen and rounded corners.
Lengh: 17.15m / Width: 5.05m/ Draught: .2.50m/ Cabins: 3 à 4



The 36 is a fast sailboat (hull quality, powerful sail plan) that ensures maximum sensation on the water. Very comfortable, the plan of bridge clear and modulable allows a great facility of maneuver and adapts to all the navigations: race or cruise. Finally, Dufour signs with the 36 a style resolutely new with stretched and more modern lines.
Lengh: 10.99m/ Width: 3.61m/ Draught: .2.2m / Cabins: 2


The objective set for the architect Umberto Felci and the Dufour Yachts Construction Office: to surpass the Dufour 40. A wagerer! A goal largely achieved! Finesse, precision, sensations in navigation: so many qualities to recognize him.
Lengh: 12.35m/ Width: 3.89m/ Draught: .2.10m/ Cabins: 3


Roof fluid, clear deck, cockpit both wide and protective. A high-quality fittings associated with ergonomics Dufour allows all to handle the boat easily. At the helm, nothing stops you, you have in your hands a pure steed.
Lengh: 13.95m/ Width: 4.30m/ Draught: .1.95m/  Cabins:

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