Elan's shipbuilding tradition began in 1949 with kayaks, canoes and the production of small wooden waterproof boats. Commercial success came in the 1950s, when a large number of small craft were exported to the United States. The sixties announced the dawn of the reinforced polyester, a revolutionary material used by Elan for kayak and boat racing. In 1995, Elan began co-operation with renowned nautical designer Rob Humphreys, resulting in many successful award-winning projects. The next decade Elan won European Yacht of the Year twice, not resting on his laurels, Elan launched the revolutionary Volvo Ocean Race inspired by the Elan 350, winning another European Yacht of the Year in 2011. Elan On solid foundations to build the future.




After many years of study and design, Elan presented his new project. The GT series combines the best design and construction techniques of Elan's award-winning performance yachts, while adopting the advantages of the larger yachts. The GT range is truly unique in terms of design, performance, safety and comfort "
Lengh: 12.81m / width: 3.91/ Draught: .2.20m/


Série E


The Elan E, dubbed the "Pocket Rocket", was designed for maximum ease of use and ease of ownership, while ensuring superior navigation performance, the Elan E offers a new concept of ownership . Minimize all stages of preparation to make the most of sailing, a number of innovative solutions allow you to pack, drive and sail in no time. Like the other day sailboats, Elan E1 does not require a place in the marina, saving considerable costs, while its limited weight does not require large towing cars.
Lengh: 6.34m à 11.96m/ Width: 2.50m à 3.87m/ Draught.1.55m à 2.40m(dérives basses)



Série S

Elan took the popular E range and upgraded these yachts for greater performance achieved by reducing the weight of the hull and deck construction resulting in an improved performance sailboat. In the absence of interior finishing, the S is an ideal yacht for day sailing, designed for racing and sailing schools.
Lengh: 6.34m à 11.96m/ Width: 2.50m à 3.87m/ Draught: .1.55m à 2.40m(dérives basses)

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