The Hanse shipyard was founded in 1990, and many sailing yachts from the Hanse brand have since left the Greifswald shipyard. The success of the Hanse pleasure craft is due to the people involved in their construction. The skills of our employees are as varied as their enthusiasm for their work. Know-how and passion: this is what characterizes the Hanse team. Our collaborators know better how to express it: here is an anthology of sentences gathered on the side of the construction of sailboats.



315/ 345/ 370/ 385

With its straight tapered stem, small overhangs and deep keel, the new Hanse offers elegant lines and unparalleled appeal. Its higher freeboard to the master bau gives it an elegant and sporty appearance, while its not too high roof highlights its dynamic line. Its excellent sailing qualities linked to its well sized sail area offer a reassuring feeling of safety.
Lengh: 9.62m à 10.99m / Width: 3.35m à 3.90/ Draught: .1.35m à 2.03/


415/ 445/ 455


The 400 series presents the all new and independent concept of a modern yacht and fast cruising with many surprising solutions and retail functions. Our goal in Hanse is to always offer the fastest cruiser in its class. The Hanse 400 is perfectly balanced and has a wide range of stability, which makes safety in any weather driving.
Lengh: 12.40m à 13.55/ Width: 4.17m à 4.38/ Draught: .1.72m à 2.25m



505/ 540/ 575

The Hanse 500 series defines innovative trends in important areas of design, functionality, technology, performance, luxury and safety. For the individual design of the Hanse 500 series, the manufacturer makes available a selection of nearly 1200 combinations of interior configurations, wooden furniture and flooring, upholstery fabrics. Under deck there is space for up to 6 comfortable cabins and three bathrooms.
Lengh: 14.85m/ Width: 4.75m/ Draught: .1.98m (dérives hautes) 

More informations: www.hanseyachts.com/fr.html

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