Insurances Sailing guarantee premium

Make sure you have a peaceful cruising with the "Plaisance +" guarantee with a coverage of 5,000 €, then the premium to be paid is 5% of the rental fee (excluding options), with a minimum of 80 € And validity extended to the whole world.

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Effect and duration of the contract: Subject to subscription prior to the taking over of the vessel, which is confirmed by the payment of the corresponding contribution, it takes effect upon delivery of the boat to the tenant and ceases on the date fixed in the lease, Authorized navigation area. Definition of Guaranteed Risks: The Franchise Redemption Guarantee applies to a navigation in good stead, with the physical consequences for the tenant, of accidents characterized by external shocks to the ship, with a fixed or mobile body, d Fire or explosion or forces of nature of an exceptional (and not foreseeable) intensity affecting the vessel and which has been marked on the logbook and confirmed on pain of forfeiture by a declaration Written to the lessor when the ship is returned, and to OUEST-ASSURANCES within 10 days of the end of the rental.

Risks excluded: The guarantee of the insurer can not be sought in the following cases: Races and regattas in solitaire. Partial theft or total theft, loss of material or misappropriation. Damages affecting the engine or any other mechanical or electrical instrument when these are not related to a guaranteed event. Damage affecting spinnaker or similar sails. Damage attributable to willful misconduct, inexcusable fault, use in contravention of regulations or operating instructions. Failure of the equipment used in normal navigation conditions, or due to wear and tear. Damage caused to a third party or suffered by a responsible third party, as well as the costs inherent in a rescue or assistance operation. Amount of guarantee:

In all cases, the amount of the reimbursement can not exceed € 4,000 per rental, or € 5,000 as per option FORCE 9 PLUS and is equal to the amount of damages capped at the deductible under the main contract, after application of a "residual excess" Equal to: - In the case of private pleasure boat use: 10% of the deposit indicated in the rental contract, with a minimum of 200 €. - In the case of race and regatta use: 20% of the deposit indicated in the rental contract, with a minimum of 400 € (exclusions: mast, sails, rigging). Application of the guarantee: In view of the above, The tenant can deposit two security deposits with the landlord: one "residual deposit" equal to 10% of the deposit (private yachting) with a minimum of 200 € or 20% of the deposit (race and regatta) with a minimum of 400 € A second security equal to the security provided for in the contract, less the residual security ...