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South America, a sub-continent of America located entirely in the western hemisphere and mainly in the southern hemisphere, is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and north, and the Atlantic Ocean to ballast. With a population of about 400 million, South America is ranked fourth in the world and fifth largest in number of inhabitants. This American continent, under strong Spanish and Portuguese influence, is renowned for its geographical diversity: plains, mountains, beaches.

Maritima offers three major destinations in South America: Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Brazil is the largest state in South America, covering almost half of the continent. It is bordered to the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean and drained to more than two thirds of the country by the basin of the Amazon and the river Tocantins. Its climate is very diverse because of its immensity, to the south a humid subtropical climate, to the north a tropical climate, hot, humid and rainy.

Colombia is located to the northwest of the continent, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is the fourth largest country in South America. Despite its reputation as a dangerous country, Colombia has tended to develop rapidly in recent years and is attracting more and more tourists. Some areas are to be avoided but a lot of itineraries are incredible and easy to access. Maritima advises however to learn well on the itinerary that you count to carry out from our marinas in Colombia.

Venezuela, a small country in South America, extends from the vicinity of the equator to the north of the eleventh parallel. The country contains 72 islands scattered in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is composed of varied landscapes: jungle, savanna, mangrove, desert, beaches of white sand with crystalline waters and high mountains. The island Margarita, known as "the pearl of the Caribbean", is an essential place of the country to discover.


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Where dance and football are kings. We invite you to discover a Brazilian country and its atypical culture. From Rio de Janeiro to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil shapes its Afro-Brazilian identity and culture. Destination of dream, country of crossbreeding, Brazil will seduce you by its captivating atmosphere, the human wealth and the joie de vivre of its inhabitants.


Sailing to Colombia from Cartagena. The landscapes of this Latin American country are at the same time on the Caribbean Sea and on the Pacific Ocean, which gives rise to very contrasted landscapes and multiple activities possible between the rental of a boat and a stay in land in the mountains of the Andes.


Venezuela is not only an immense tropical forest but also sumptuous and amazing coastline by the diversity and beauty of the landscapes. Our yacht charter base in Venezuela is located on the Los Roques archipelago, one of the most beautiful in South America.